How It Works is a set of tools that allows a county party organization to manage the party's website, communicate with members, and (most importantly) offer each of their candidates a simple, do-it-yourself website. This technology is based on Vieth Consulting's Membership Management System. For all the features included in the MMS, click here.

As for how the campaign websites are provided to candidates, we have two methods we offer...

Plan A - county provides support to candidates, (all features are provided for use with your county party website.)

1. A designated contact person in your county organization enters your candidates as members in your account

2. Send your candidates "welcome emails", which include instrutions on how to log-in and set up their website.

3. The candidate then uses the Campaign Website Toolkit to set up their website.

4. When the website is ready to be published, the candidate can order a domain name ( and our staffers at will make the site live. bills your county party for all the websites made live ($50/website/year), your organization then bills the campaigns in turn.

Plan B - provides website toolkit and support directly to candidates, ( features are NOT provided for use with your county party website.)

This is another option, where candidates can work with us directly for their website. The cost per site will be higher- $100/website/year to cover the support time involved in working with each candidate.